• Archery at Tokyo: LIVESTREAM in België: zaterdag 31/07 - 8.45-10.00: klik hier
• Archery at Tokyo: LIVESTREAM in België: vrijdag 30/07 - 8.45-10.00: klik hier
• Archery at Tokyo: Replay the elimination matches Jarno de Smedt shot at Tokyo 2020:

➡️1/32 win against KAWATA Yuki (JPN 🇯🇵)
➡️ 1/16 loss against LI Jialun (CHN 🇨🇳)
(*) no HD resolutions, but hey: you get an idea how it went... 😅
World Archery reports about Remote Shoots, and recognises our competition: read about it here: WA Article by Chris Wells
• The French National Federation (FFTA) thanks us for helping them out running their Remote Shoot: that's a nice "merci"! We love to help you out! Read the story here.
ICE Smart Sports is hosting the competition from the French sportsteam Club des Archers de Saint Avertin Sports who are organising a tournament with both Qualification Rounds and Matches. More on their Facebook page, and on I@NSEO.NET
South Arrows Archery Club slowly resumes training (TTO 🇹🇹)... actively participating in our remote shoots, as part of training regime: read it here.
World Archery Americas takes example in our organisation, and has an online competition setup: read it here